Watching Dance: Kinesthetic Empathy

About the Watching Dance Mind Map by Dr Matthew Reason

Qualitative audience research, such as that conducted for the Watching Dance Project, typically produces large amounts of transcribed conversations and other materials that need analysing and accounting for. For myself, the process of beginning to make sense of or find routes through the mass of material that interviews or participative workshops generate is a combination of an informed (arts subject specialist) consideration, a systematic coding and defining (utilising, for example, NVIVO or similar software) and also an intuitive process of visual mapping.

I often find myself sitting on the floor with several A1 sheets of paper and different colour marker pens, post-it notes, scissors and reams of printed transcriptions constructing various mind maps and other graphic representations that both record and construct pathways through the material.

Usually these mind maps are private, with only the final written paper published. However, I'm interested in how these mind maps could also be public documents and have produced one trial mind map relating to the Watching Dance project. This isn't resolved but I would nonetheless be interested in hearing how people find it as a way of accessing material and analysis relating to how audiences watch dance.

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